Thermal Briefs - January 2018



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Happy New Year ASHRAE Northeast!!

As we move forward in 2018, we will continue our transition away from Google Groups. Starting with this issue, we will no longer be sending a PDF issue of the newsletter through Google Groups, but rather a link to the newsletter that is hosted on our website. Please be sure to visit our website and register in order to stay up to date with the latest communications and information from the Northeast Chapter of ASHRAE.

Kevin Houghtailing
2017-2018 ASHRAE NE VP


President's Message - January 2018

Greetings ASHRAE!

Welcome to 2018! Tis the season for new resolutions and new beginnings! In the spirit of said season, I’d like to make a resolution on behalf of the chapter: to formally cease our usage of the Google Group and instead use the new website as our communication conduit.

That’s right, as of February 28, we will no longer use the Google Group. All announcements will be made via our new website: if you sign up, you’ll receive our newsletter and other announcements. Head here to register:

This is a much needed move, and we’ve already received great feedback. After spending some time with the site, if you find that you have suggestions, please send them our way. A special thanks goes to Todd Turcotte for making this transition possible – thanks Todd!

We also plan on having a YEA event every month until May. January 22nd, we’ll enjoy a few rounds of bowling (you should consider going, if only to see VP Kevin Houghtaling wreak havoc on some pins). Keep your eyes peeled for a registration invitation.

If you have suggestions for any event that you’d like to see happen this year, feel free to send me a message: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you,

Adam Feather
2017-2018 President
Northeast Chapter

Site Registration


As you may recall from the August 2017 - President’s Message we are begining a transition over to using the site for all things ASHRAE Northeast, and beginning to disband the Google Groups that we have been using for anouncements and newsletter distribution.

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ASHRAE Northeast Superbowl Pool

Winners to be Announced Soon!

ASHRAE Northeast is proud to announce the kickoff of the annual 50/50 Super Bowl

Pool!!  Here are the details:


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Membership Promotion - January 2018

Meetings - Be sure to log in to our site ( periodically to stay tuned with the upcoming meetings and events across our industry.

Community - Take a few minutes to create your Northeast Community profile on our chapter homepage. It takes less than 10 minutes! Once you have completed your site registration (under the members tab) you can create your profile.

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Northeast Chapter History Report – December 2017


history report 1

December 12, 2017 was Past Presidents & Chapter History Night at the Italian American Community Center.  Six former presidents were in attendance.  A Chapter History Display complete with photo album was presented.

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Refrigeration Tour February 2018

Please join us for the Refrigeration Tour: 2018 at the Empire State Plaza!

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Society Scholarship Programs

Please click the image below to find out more about the other scholarships that may be available to you.

ASHRAE Scholarships

Newsletter - Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We are currently accepting employment opportunity advertisements for this year’s newsletters. We have revised our cost for these postings.  Rather than a set ‘price’ there is no cost, but we do highly encourage and appreciate any and all donations to RP, to aid in reaching our RP fundraising goal. Again, the newsletter is distributed to OVER 200 RECIPIENTS each month!

Interested in placing an ad?  Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SMRT Employment Ad January 2018


We are growing!! SMRT Architects and Engineers are accepting applications for Mechanical Engineers experienced in the design of HVAC, plumbing, process piping and/or fire protection in our Albany, NY office. Strong verbal and written communication skills, a team player, and the ability to lead the mechanical aspects of multiple projects simultaneously are required.

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SMRT - Business Card Ad

The ASHRAE Northeast Chapter would like to thank the following sponsors for choosing to  help us  by making a donation to ASHRAE Research Promotion:


Russ Bailey Business Card Ad


We are currently accepting business card advertisements for this year’s newsletters. The cost of a business card ad is $10.00 per month (this money goes directly to Research Promotion; it is not income for our chapter operations).


If you list an ad, your ad will circulate to OVER 100 RECIPIENTS each month!


Interested in placing an ad?

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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