Hello All -

This ASHRAE calendar year is almost coming to an end, time flies! We kicked off March / April with our first ever March Madness event which was successful! Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to Kendra Potasiewicz for picking Virginia to win!

Our overall ASHRAE Chapter goal is $11,500 and we are very close to reaching this. Our chapter contributions are currently $8,379 – thank you all who have helped in reaching this far! We are still graciously accepting donations until the end of the deadline which is June 15th. By helping our chapter reach this goal, you are helping the ASHRAE community as a whole. Research is the backbone of ASHRAE but the RP Campaign was expanded 10 years ago to also include support of Education, Endowed Research through the ASHRAE Foundation, YEA programs, ASHRAE Scholarships, etc.

 To donate please visit the link below and fill out the online donation form – make sure you put Northeast Chapter in the contributor information box.




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