Hello Chapter members,

Welcome to a new issue of our monthly newsletter “Thermal Brief”. In this issue you can read:

-          President Message- February 2019

-          President-Elect Message (February Meeting information)- February 2019

-          Research Promotion Message- February 2019

-          History Message (February 1961 How was it?) - February 2019

-          Announcement from the Treasurer (Money Talks) - February 2019

-          ASHRAE Certification

-          ASHRAE Online Courses

-          Employment Ads

-          Business card Ads

Do you want to support ASHRAE research promotion? Do you want to help our chapter reaches this year goal? You can highlight yourself and your firm through our $10-per-business card ads that are published in the newsletters. The proceedings of the ads will contribute to our research promotion funding goals. In addition, we are also accepting employment ads at no charge.

Remember, we are accepting employment opportunity ads for free. If your company looking for hiring a new employee, we will happy to post it to our website as well as in our newsletter.

Thank you,

Ramy Girgis, PE

ASHRAE NE Vice President 2018-19


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