At our January meeting, we approved the slate of nominating committee for the 2019-2020 chapter year. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the chapter in an officer or chair role, please reach out to myself or Gerard Marciano. Becoming a chapter volunteer is a great way to influence the happenings within our chapter, foster stronger relationships with your industry peers, and is an invaluable tool to your professional development.Speaking of professional development, January concluded National Mentoring Month.



Originally organized by the Harvard School of Public Health in 2002, the month-long event intends to bring awareness to the great successes that mentoring programs can have on a young individuals personal and professional development.Do you have any programs, formal or informal, within your organization that align junior members of your team with senior mentors? I have benefited from strong mentors through all stages of my career and would encourage you to establish some type of mentoring program. ASHRAE offers a YEA Mentoring program, which includes a “Mentoring Match” survey and Mentor/Mentee guidelines – if you are looking for ways in which to establish your own internal program, this can be a great resource (click here to know more about the program). As our industry hires a record number of Millennial and Generation Z professionals, mentoring programs will play a crucial role in the professional development, and ultimate retention, of these young hires (and are also an invaluable recruiting tool). For the women within your organization, I would personally recommend attending the upcoming Albany Business Review’s “Mentoring Monday” event being held on 2/25 – I attended last year and was fortunate to establish a new mentor relationship that is going strong nearly 1 year later.


We have exciting programs coming up for the remainder of 2019 as Kevin Houghtaling has been hard-at-work scheduling a strong programs calendar, we hope to see you at our upcoming events!






Kendra Potasiewicz


ASHRAE NE President 2018-19


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